Top Apps Like Showbox | Showbox Alternatives

Showbox has proved its superiority in providing the best free stuff like movies TV series and everything that we want to watch in our daily routine. What if Showbox App goes down for some time. Showbox leads video streaming and downloading for free. Moreover, torrent based infrastructure makes it amazing to use. As a matter of fact, 10% of users rely on other apps like ShowBox.

Here in this article, I will be putting light on some of the best apps that can handle the task of what ShowBox do for you. Want to watch free movies in HD for free, there are the sites that are going to provide you with that, but only a few apps have secured excellent rating. Let’s have a look at the apps that will help you when ShowBox APK betrays you.

Best Apps Like Showbox

Showbox has a lot of features to get fascinated about but lets me tell you other apps can set a high competition by providing features that you cannot even think of. Here is a list of showbox alternatives.

1. Moviebox (For iOS Only)

The first app in our basket is MovieBox that has pretty much similar features to that of Showbox. You can see movie rating reviews before you are going to watch the film. Natural subtitle availability ensures that there is no language barrier. You can download movies in Standard quality-480p and High Definition-720p.  Using the app is a piece of cake, and UI is better than expected.

2.  PlayBox HD App (Android & iOS)

The second app in our list is PlayBox HD app. The app has a vast variety of videos, movies and documentaries to watch. Moreover, the stuff that is uploaded is updated on a continuous basis to provide the latest films and anime in HD. The UI and speed of app is far better than Showbox; that’s why this app deserves to be the part of the list. The app is available on multiple platforms    

3. Movie HD App (For Both)

Movie HD app is another app like Showbox but what we can expect extra is the user interface is built so well that it beats show box’s UI. The app is developed by the creators of Sky HD & HD cinema. This can be seen in Navigation, which is what makes this app friendly to use. You can have all the latest movies that you want to watch for free in this app.

4. Popcorn Time App| Showbox Alternative

Popcorn Time is another reliable movie streaming and videos download app. Popcorn Time serves as a ShowBox alternative app. This not only shows its performance on Android and iOS devices, but it also supports Linux. It Has maintained a massive database and let you enjoy a lot of movies and TV series episodes for nothing. It allows you to stream videos in almost any quality from standard to high definition.

5. Cartoon Hd App

This app earned a great recognition in the United Kingdom. This app is like ShowBox but is primarily used to watch cartoon shows. Not only this, but this app has also managed to bring the best movies and TV shows for free. The UI is quite lucrative, and speed of the app is good. This is a great app for kids under 16. This app is only available on iOS.

6. Cinema Box app (developed by the creators of PlayBox HD)

This app is built for Android devices. After you install the app, you will be able to Watch free movies in HD and TV shows on your device. Cinema Box allows you to both stream and download movies. The part which I like the best is that this app supports Google Chromecast which enables you to cast the video to a big screen yielding a better watching experience.


We have analysed some of the best alternatives for Showbox so far in this post. There was a time when the users of ShowBox faced a lot of errors and google search was flooded with ShowBox alternative apps. You can use these apps as an alternative to Showbox and can give you best movie streaming experience. Give them a try and share your experience.

If any other app like showbox is working for you, then do share your pick via comment box. We’d be happy to test and list that on our article.